Gujranwala has been considered an important manufacturers industry before Pakistan India Separation. Many groups and associations were formed and created to manage the benefits of manufacturers in the different time periods. Following founders and many other have been serving there capabilities in the associations:

  • Mr. Aziz Zulfikar from Canon Metal
  • Late Mr. Mian Abdul Hameed from Mian Metal
  • Mr. Babu Manzoor ul Hassan from Lotus Metal
  • Mr. Molvi Muhammad Anwar from Rail Car Metal
  • Late Mr. Sheikh Deen Muhammad from Sadique Industry
  • Mr. Sufi Abdul Kareem from Star Metal

When raw material for the industry was listed on the free list and Gujranwala Chamber of Commerce was initiated, all the associations were useless and deformed. In 1991-92 the government added the Sales Tax to the industry and it made an damaging impact on the industry image. The related man power and stakeholders were deeply depressed with their future. Once again the industry stakeholders needed an association that can look after the issues of the manufacturers and industrialists.

So, the industrialists and manufacturers held a conventional meeting in Gujranwala on 30th May, 1992 to create an All Pakistan Association for Metal Industry. This meeting was attended by the most of the industrialists from Karachi to Peshawar. Mr. Muhammad Afzal, Mr. Muhammad ABdullah, Mr. Ikhlaq Butt, Mr. Haji Muhammad Ramzan, Mr. Anayat Ullah Butt and many others departments played important roles in organizing the conventional meeting. It was decided to reform and resolve the depressing issues of all the manufacturers and industrialists at all levels. So, ALL PAKISTAN ALUMINIUM UTENSILS MANUFACTURERS ASSOCIATION came into being.

(Inspired & Translated from Statement of)
Haji Muhammad Ramzan
Senior Voice President

Conclusion & Analysis

Year 1996 lasted with all the regularities. Replacing with new hopes and wishes in the new year, we need to see that what was lost and what was gained. At what point we were wrong and when did we achieved our goals. Having knowledge to all the previous decisions and conclusions helps to improve the up coming hurdles in the next year. It pushes our confidence and lets us come up with the fresh ideas for the new year.

Aluminium Utensils Association came into being in form of All Pakistan Aluminium and Utensils Manufacturers Association, which stood against all social and economical issues for the Aluminium Industry in Pakistan. As almost every second manufacturer was facing lots of hurdles during their businesses individually, which resulted in lots of failures and discourages industry to grow in the market.

But since APAUMA is formed, every one in the industry is busy in performing numbers in the market, without any tense. APAUMA is responsible for Sales TAX, Social Security, Labor TAX, Income TAX and others or any business related issues. It will not be wrong to say, if, APAUMA is protecting and taking care of almost every thing for its members. But it will not be wrong to say that we are simply not supporting the association in the sense of funding or growth with the membership.

Most of the members are using their membership for good but they are refusing to support and provide funds for the association to grow and stand strong for their own rights and issues in the market. Most of them reply rudely to even defy the policies of the association. Can an individual presence make a difference against a bunch of people in a group? Any organization can not groom until or unless people in it pay prices with their hearts crossed. Members who don’t pay their Taxes, they will be facing issues in their problem solving with their businesses.

So, it is requested that if we need to achieve our goals, we need to be supportive to our surroundings and or member fallows for up coming new year. Being in a group will help you raising your voice against a problem.

(Inspired & Translated from Statement of)
Haji Muhammad Ashraf Butt
Joint Secretory

Performance & Achievements

A committee of selected people were listed under the presidency of Mr. Babu Muhammad Abdullah, to align and reform the policies of association. Advocate. Mr. Waqar Hussain Butt and Mr. Anayyat Ullah Butt were the members of this committee. Committee listed down a precise and accurate regulations for the association after a daily and a frequent number of meetings. The application of endorsement or memorandum with all the required documents was submitted to the Ministry of Commerce, Government of Pakistan on 5th March, 1994, which is still under consideration of decision.

The most admirable achievement of the association was to endorse the fixed Sales Tax on all the manufacturers of Aluminium Utensils in the industry. If, which was not ruled, could result in disastrous to industry. Thousands of workers and small manufacturers could have faced economical instability due to heavy Taxes by the government. After fixation of Taxes, Association President, Mr. Akhlak Ahmad butt, Haji Muhammad Ramzan, Mr. Qasim ul Kareem, Mr. Sarfraz Ahmad Sadique, Mr. Muhammad Ashraf Butt, Haji Muhammad Anwar and many more struggled a lot to enhance the performances and resolve the remaining issues and they are accredited and appreciated for what they have performed for the association.

They have been participating in the forums in Lahore and Islamabad to represent the Association, with graceful and respectable manners,  to Ministry Officials in CBR, to the Federal and Provincial Assembly Members and many more officials in recognized platforms in Pakistan. All the members of the Association are thankful to what they have performed for the Association.